The All-New REEFER G2+

A perfect foundation for any thriving reef aquarium

  • New & improved water management
  • Extra-fortified tank & cabinet
  • ReefMat-ready sump

A new reefkeeping standard

Designed as the perfect reefscaping canvas,
REEFER G2+ tanks combine REEF-SPEC
infrastructure with the freedom to install
all your preferred hardware.

REEFER G2+ systems come with new & improved
water management, extra-fortified cabinets & aquariums,
REEF-SPEC ReefMat-ready sumps, include the ReefATO+
system as standard and a 5-year extended warranty.


REEFER G2+ SYSTEMS come in a huge variety of sizes (from 170 L / 45 gal to 1000 L / 264 gal), and are the ideal platform for the full “Red Sea Experience”, combining our LED lighting, wave pumps, dosers, and filtration devices into one smart, synchronized eco-system operated via the ReefBeat App.


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  • Rimless ultra-clear glass img 0

  • Rimless ultra-clear glass img 0


Rimless ultra-clear glass

REEFER G2+ aquariums are rimless, and constructed from ultra-clear, bevelled-edge glass with increased thickness of up to 19 mm or 0.75”.


Extra fortified plywood cabinet

The marine-spec laminated cabinets follow the contour of the glass, and are all made of plywood. Larger models are now reinforced with aluminum supports.

Laminated plywood panels

Epoxy painted doors

Levelable feet

Stainless steel hingesReefATO+

All REEFER G2+ models come with the ReefATO+ system, which keeps your water volume and salinity stable, and includes an accurate temperature monitor as well as a highly sensitive leak detector.


REEFER G2+ systems have a removable, ReefMat-ready mechanical filtration compartment, complete with micron filter socks and media cups.

Easy setup

Easy maintenance

Solid state sensor

Silent downflow system

The enlarged rectangular inlet to the downflow pipe reduces sensitivity to changes in waterflow, resulting in a quieter operation

Bulkhead connector kits

Bulkhead connectors suitable for both Metric and USA standard pipes can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your sump piping.

High precision valve

All models now have a new and improved high precision valve on the downflow pipe, allowing for easy regulation of the flow and a near silent operation.

Dual side-facing return pump outlets & large overflow box

For optimal water circulation and increased surface skimming

Dual return pump outlets

Highly effective surface skimming

Optimal water circulation


Deluxe version incorporates the ReefLED 90 / ReefLED 160S lighting units with mounting arms

Reef-safe lighting

Optimal coral growth

550 par at surface level

500par at surface level

Register your brand-new REEFER G2+ within 90 days of purchase

And turn your free 3-year warranty into 5 years for as little as $49!


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