About Us

Welcome to 100% Aquatics.

We’re a Marine, Freshwater and Reptile aquarium store based in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

You might know us from the early days, circa 2003, as a one man operation called 100% Reef Safe. Or you might be more familiar with 100% Freshwater, the separate entity we opened in 2019 in response to increased freshwater & reptile demand.

We’re excited to announce that in 2024 we have combined 100% Reef Safe with 100% Freshwater Aquariums and our new business name is 100% Aquatics! Same owners & same great team of locals we now employ; all that’s changed is the name.

We continue to stock a wide range of quality livestock all sourced from the most reputable, environmentally sound and sustainable suppliers. For those who have marine aquariums we have corals, fish & inverts. For the freshwater aquarium enthusiasts we have fish, plants & inverts. For those who live a little on the wilder side we have reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.

We have developed our own budget friendly range of high quality supplements. We also stock Red Sea, Triton, Continuum, Aqua Forest, Dalua & Coral Essentials supplements and more. If you’re looking for equipment and aquariums our range is amazing. We have quality brands including Red Sea, Reef Factory, AquaOne, EcoTech, Aqua Illumination, Cade & Waterbox to name a few.

We have a wide range of items which can be challenging to find. We also offer locally designed and made acrylic products including acclimation boxes, frag racks, rock support rods and more. If it’s something unusual you’re after, we also design and manufacture ‘bespoke’ acrylic products.

We know all our suppliers, so you can have 100% confidence when you choose to purchase from 100% Aquatics!

We’ve done the homework to make it easy for you to choose the best!

Our friendly staff are experienced and able to assist you with all your reefing, freshwater and reptile needs.

We ship Australia-wide and we’re really experienced at this, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years so you can have confidence should you be ordering dry goods or livestock.

Our website is easy to use and navigate and the information is sourced from the experts, some of the best aquarium and reptile keepers from around the world.

Let us help you with all your marine, freshwater or reptile needs.