Safe Introduction of New Corals

DipX is a highly effective dip for safely introducing new corals and live rocks to your aquarium.

A simple 15-minute bath in DipX before placing a new coral in the aquarium will drive away unwanted “hitchhikers”, thereby maintaining the safety of your reef.


New corals often come with unwanted “hitchhikers” hidden deep inside the corals’ crevices. These various tiny creatures are usually invisible to the naked eye, and once in the aquarium, they can migrate to other corals and damage your delicate reef eco-system.


Over the years, reef hobbyists have used generic baths solutions such as fresh water, Iodine, and even household disinfectants, all of which repel some of the hitchhikers, but not all of them.


For the past few years, we have been cultivating tanks with infested corals and comparing a wide range of commercially available dips and other repelling ingredients, examining both their effectiveness and their overall safety for the corals. 


The result is DipX – a unique blend of essential oils, without inorganic disinfectants. Our tests have shown that DipX is completely safe for all kinds of corals and more effective than any other solution we tested. 


Corals that were bathed in DipX still repelled unwanted “hitchhikers”, even though they were previously dipped in other solutions  On the other hand, corals that were dipped in other solutions after they were bathed in DipX did not repel anything.

Red Sea DipX – Instructions for Use
• DipX should not be added directly to an aquarium. While being safe for corals, the oils may cause over skimming. Always use a separate container. • Shake DipX well before use.
• Prepare bath solution by adding 10ml of DipX for each 1 Litre of aquarium water and stir gently.
• Fully submerge the coral/rock to be treated in the bath solution and leave to soak for 15 minutes. Do not leave for longer than 15 minutes.
• Swirl gently every few minutes.
• After 15 min remove the coral/rock from the bath and wash with clean seawater before placing in the aquarium.
• A single bath solution can be reused for up to 4 batches of corals but should be discarded within 2 hours of preparation.
• DipX should be used within 12 months of opening, and kept at room temperature

  • Can I use DipX in my aquarium?

    Absolutely not! Dip-X should only be used in a separate bath! It should not be used inside an aquarium. In heavily infested aquariums (where the infestation is not limited to a few individual corals) it is highly recommended to take apart all corals and rockwork and dip them in external large containers.

  • Can I use DipX directly in a Quarantine tank for prolonged periods of time?

    No. Corals should only be immersed in a DipX bath for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. The DipX bath solution can be reused for up to four batches of corals/rocks but should be discarded within 2 hours from preparation.

  • Will DipX repel the eggs of flat worms and Nudibranch?

    No, the Chitin shell of the eggs protects them against all coral dips.

    Eggs are usually located at the exposed parts of the skeleton at the bottom parts of the colony and may not be visible during inspection. It is recommended to place the coral in a separate quarantine aquarium for a 22-day period, repeating the dipping procedure on day 11 and day 22. If the eggs are allowed to hatch inside an established (not a dedicated quarantine) aquarium, the hatchling larvae can survive without a host for several days and can swim between colonies.

  • Should I use DipX on live rocks?

    Yes. Live rocks can introduce many “unwanted hitchhikers” to a new aquarium including bristle worms, Asterina seastars, vermetid snails, mentis and pistol shrimp etc. and therefore it is highly recommended to immerse live rocks in a DipX bath before putting them in your aquarium.


  • Should I use DipX with Anemones?

    In general anemones such as Carpet, Bubble tip, Sebae and Candy anemone do not usually carry hitchhikers. However, Dicosoma and Ricordea anemones are attached to rocks that can carry hitchhikers, and therefore using DipX is recommended before introducing to a new aquarium.

  • Can I use DipX with other invertebrates such as starfish, clams, worms etc.?

    No, DipX should be used for corals and live rock only!

  • Can I use DipX for fish?

    Absolutely not! DipX is Coral-Safe but may be harmful to fish.


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