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Tunze DOC Protein Skimmer 9004 Comline.


The Tunze Comline® DOC Skimmer 9004 is the latest small skimmer from Tunze. It combines the best of Tunze engineering with the latest materials and technologies to produce a skimmer that meets the needs of the most demanding marine aquarist whilst consuming a miserly 4 watts of power.

The DOC Skimmer 9004 skimmer is suitable for mixed / soft coral aquariums up to 250 litres or for aquariums containing more demanding hard corals up to 150 litres. The DOC 9004 Skimmer is supplied ready for installation and features a magnetic holder for glass up to 12mm (.47 in.) thick. An optional second magnet holder can be added for glass thicker than 12mm if required.

Key features:
• Surface water intake with bacteria and algae film removal.
• Skimmer cup with 0.2 litre volume, also accommodates the foam reactor column, easy to remove and clean.
• Skimmer is attached using a patented magnet holder, for glass thickness of up to 12mm.
• Intermediate skimming chamber with patented ‘anti-overfoaming system’.
• Uses the new Tunze® Foamer Pump, high air output and low energy consumption.
• Bubble-free outgoing water from the skimmer.
• New “Comline® Design”, elegant and unobtrusive in the aquarium.
• Air control valve and silencer for exceptionally quiet operation.

Contents: supplied ready for mounting with patented magnetic holder for glass thickness of up to 12mm, 0.47”.

How it works.
The DOC Skimmer 9004 utilises the new Flash Skimming system, a highly efficient foam production system from Tunze. Water enters the skimmer via an efficient surface intake system which is designed to remove bacteria and other materials from the surface of the water. This protein rich surface water is then mixed with thoroughly with micro air bubbles in the Tunze® Foamer Pump where pollutants such as protein, cellulose, fats and dead cells are adsorbed onto the surface of the air bubbles in the foam mixture. The foam mixture is then expanded and stabilized in the skimmer reaction chamber, the water returns to the aquarium, while and the protein-laden air bubbles accumulate the pollutants, eventually delivering them into the skimmer collection cup for removal from the aquarium.

The efficiency of the “flash skimming” system means that the DOC 9004 does not require the long contact times found in larger more traditional skimmers. In addition the patented ‘anti-overfoaming system’ prevents the skimmer from producing too much foam and a thin a skimate and thus controls the skimmers performance, dependent on the water level and organic load in the aquarium water.

Finally, as with other Tunze Protein Skimmers in this range the protein and other dissolved organics in the aquarium water diffuses into the skimmer through the openings in the bottom and on the rear. It is this diffusion process that is so gentle to the plankton, unlike many other pump driven protein skimmers.

For aquariums from 60 to 250 litres (13 to 55 UK gallons), depending on type of corals kept.
Energy consumption: 4 Watts.
Voltage / frequency: 230V/50Hz Aust Plug.
Dimensions: L110 x W90 x H305 m.
Immersion depth: approximately 225 to 245mm.
Skimmer cup volume: 0.2 litres.
Air capacity: 150 litres per hour.

Suitable for: marine aquaria only.



Manufacturer Info



For forty-five years the name TUNZE® has been synonymous with aquariums. Many products and components which we have developed in the course of time are now standard features of aquarium technology today. This confidence in TUNZE is no coincidence. The company has remained true to its philosophy right from the beginning, researching water biotopes all over the world to develop components which enable natural water conditions in the closed environment of an aquarium. In the implementation of know-how, effectiveness and efficiency, TUNZE® takes the lead in environmental compatibility. Their motto is: quality and reliability. These values are upheld with well thought-out and precise tool making by highly qualified experts. The brand names of TUNZE® and Turbelle® meet the expectations of the seal of quality; Made in Germany.


SKU 465
Barcode # 4025167900464
Brand Tunze
Shipping Weight 3.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.170m
Shipping Height 0.140m
Shipping Length 0.345m
Shipping Cubic 0.008211000m3

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