Aquatic Life Float Valve Kit. Allows you to fill large tanks, containers, and aquariums automatically. If you are using this with a reverse osmosis or RO/DI system, you WILL NOT need any other components, as this kit includes the necessary auto shut-off valve, check valve and tubing. The adjustable float connects to standard 1/8" MPT - The Aquatic Life Float Valve Kit allows you to fill large tanks, containers, and aquariums automatically - Connects Directly to Faucet - Includes check valve. Minimum Operating Pressure: 40 PSI - Maximum Operating Pressure: 80 PSI. Item 500300
Download the Float Valve Instructions HERE

Aquatic Life Flush Valve Assembly. The flush valve assembly is designed to flush the membrane and clear any debris that may have been built-up on the membrane. Doing this on a regular basis will prolong the life of the membrane. See the instruction sheet on the ADDITIONAL INFO for instructions on how to assemble the flush valve kit. To flush your membrane, simply open the valve and allow the water to bypass the Flow Restrictor. This will allow the water to flow quickly around the outside of your membrane and help sweep away any build-up. Flush the membrane for 30-45 seconds prior to each time you use the RO unit. Item 500394 

Aquatic Life RO Essentials Pack. Everything you need to connect and maintain your standard size 10" RO system - If purchased separately over $40!Everything you need to connect and maintain your standard size 10" RO system - If purchased separately over $40! Pack includes: (1) 1/4" Poly Tubing Cutter, (1) Roll Teflon Pipe Thread Tape, (1) RO Pressure Gauge w/Press-Fit Tee Connectors, (1) RO Flush Valve Kit, (1) Faucet Connector w/3 ft. of Blue Tubing, (1) Collet Tool, and these Press-Fit connectors: (1) 1/4" x 1/4" Valve w/2 Blue Clips, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/8" Elbow w/1 Blue Clip, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/4" Elbow w/1Blue Clips, (1) 1/4" x MPT 1/4" Straight Fitting w/1 Blue Clip, (5) Blue Press-Fit Clips. Item 330493

Aquatic Life Reverse Osmosis Pressure Gauge w/Press-Fit Tee Connectors 1-150 PSI. Sufficient PSI is essential for the correct operation of a reverse osmosis unit. Low water pressure is a leading cause of poor RO system performance. A pressure gauge assures that proper pressure is being supplied. It will also make pressure drops readily visible which can tell you that sediment and carbon blocks need to be changed. Pressure gauge comes assembled with 1/4" quick connect fittings for quick easy in-line installation. This item is designed for use with most aquarium RO systems. Item 9000903

Aquatic Life Reverse Osmosis Pressure Regulator w/Press-Fit Connectors (Water Pressure Reducing Valve). Adjustable regulator is designed to attach to incoming water line on your RO system in areas where water pressure exceeds 70 psi or where water hammer effect may occur. Thermoplastic body construction with ¼" NPT female connections. Press-Fit connectors for plastic tubing. Item 9000902

Aquatic Life Automatic Shut-Off (ASO) Valve Part, ¼-Inch. Automatic shut-off valve part for 1/4" tubing with four Blue press-fit clips. Pressure: 40 PSI - Maximum Operating Pressure: 80 PSI. Item 9000721

Aquatic Life Poly Tubing Cutter 1/2-Inch (12mm). RO Tubing Cutters are one of the secrets to working with RO tubing. They give a perfect cut every time. A single RO tube cutter is good for thousands of cuts and is absolutely needed if you do any kind of plumbing with RO tubing. Item 9000905

Aquatic Life PTFE (Teflon) Pipe Thread Seal Tape 1/2-Inch, 10-Pack. Teflon Plumber's tape wraps easily around PVC and brass threads to seal pipe connections. Self-lubricate joints for easy assembly. Stretches up to 50%, withstands harsh temperatures - PTFE never dries out! Item 9000904

Aquatic Life Inline Check Valve 1/4-Inch. Inline Check Valve 1/4" x 1/4" Press-Fit Connectors. Polypropylene construction. Stops water from flowing backwards. Item 500449

Aquatic Life Undersink Water Connection w/Valve For RO Systems. Aquatic Life Undersink Water Connection w/Valve For RO Systems. 1/4" tubing with Blue clip. INTERNAL THREAD 1/2", TUBE O.D. 1/4", OUTSIDE THREAD 1/2". Maximum Operating Pressure: 80 PSI.


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